Empowering the evolution of labor and expertise for a digital, sustainable, and inclusive society since 2013.

Who we are

Open Campus is an open innovation lab that houses a digital skills school and coworking space, located within a natural park, that welcomes all digital enthusiasts.

We’re a company led by women, all of whom are millennials and some of whom are moms. We embrace change with curiosity, allowing us to think beyond the box and craft one-of-a-kind, tailored projects. We truly believe that the digital transformation of society is a cultural journey in which everyone should actively participate.
Our efforts are focused on open innovation, education, and coworking, with the goal of making a positive impact and fostering inclusion. Together, we are shaping the future we imagine. Come join us on this path! ❤️

What we do


A place to grow, with a view.

Workstations, private offices, meeting rooms, and a large common kitchen overlooking the Santa Gilla lagoon and its flamingos. More than just a workspace, Open Campus Coworking is the connective fabric to boost the growth of your business. We welcome digital nomads and professionals from all over the world, come visit us!

Digital Skills Academy

Retraining and reskilling

We train individuals and companies to be competitive in a digital ecosystem and to address the shift in mindset and skills required to keep pace with the rapid changes in the evolving landscape of work.
Among our latest projects: “Artificial Intelligence for developers”, a master course on Machine Learning specifically tailored for Sardinian developers.

Open Innovation

Where ideas meet people

We design and organize hackathons, startup competitions, workshops, and bootcamps to help companies and institutions innovate products and processes.
Among our latest projects: “LeaderShe Camp”, our deep-felt project dedicated to gender issues.

Open Campus Coworking
Hi there! Leave us a message here or write an email to info@opencampus.it to book a day pass in our coworking or to get any information about Open Campus :) [This chat is active monday to friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm]